Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Port Arthur Sea Wall, 10-18-2023

 Hello everyone, Mason here.

Today I went to the Seawall in Port Arthur and took some pix on my phone and also on my Game Boy Camera. Hope y'all enjoy them!

First, here's the phone pix:

Facing my right, with a view of the Pleasure Island water tower

Facing towards my left

Pretty view, lower to the ground

Pleasure Island water tower

Hey, who's that?

This is an old event center called The Palms, which is no longer open.


Two barges!

Another barge

And now, here's the Game Boy Camera pix:



My car by the seawall

This guy again? Ugh!

Viewing to my left

View to my right, again with the Pleasure Island water tower.

Anyways, I hope y'all enjoyed these pix! I'll catch y'all later!


Edit 11-23-2023:

These images are now available in larger format on my Flickr page.

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