Friday, November 24, 2023

Project: Train Paint (part I)

 Hello everyone, Mason here.

So I have this toy train (a Matchbox diesel shunter to be specific) I've carried with me almost everywhere I've been since September 18, 2013. It's been to Yosemite National Park, Washington D.C., North Dakota, and even all the way to Honduras via a cruise liner. I was inspired to do this by YouTube user DieselDucy, who has done the same thing but since the late 70's. DieselDucy calls his train 'DieselDucy' (his channel is named after the train), but I call mine the "Lil' Train" (formerly "Lil' Yellow Train").

Anyways, YouTube user DieselDucy had his painted in fluorescent colours, but the coat has since worn. I plan on painting mine too, but I'm gonna do it in the color of the current logo: light aqua/teal/whatever you want to call it.

So enough with the prefacing, let me get to the point. Today I went to Home Depot and bought some paint remover, a paint brush, and a wire brush. I applied the paint remover, waited about 25 minutes, and scraped it and the remaining paint with the wire brush. And now, the Lil' Train has no paint on it at all.

Anyways, here's some pix of the progress:

Before the stripping (front)

Before the stripping (back)

After the stripping (front)

After the stripping (back)

That's all for now.


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