Friday, November 10, 2023

Recording cassettes, Christmas lights, upcoming stuff, and more!

 Hello everyone, Mason here.

This post is going to be very random and will cover multiple topics, but then again I don't really want a format for this site so it's okay.

First off, I'm (as of writing this) at 199 Subscribers on YouTube!! That was quick, just 7 or so months ago I hit 100! Thank you to all my viewers! Feel free to comment video ideas for my 200 Subscriber special!

Anyways, on a different topic, I got a Sharp portable cassette player at an estate sale the other day, so I've been recording albums to cassette for some retro enjoyment! Here's a list of what I've recorded thus far:

  • Side A: "S*x and Violins" by Rednex; Side B: "Dance Little Bird" by Myron Floren
  • Side A: "Super Mario Land" by Mario Freaks Orchestra; "Game Boy Graffiti" by Mario Freaks Orchestra

 In other news, I'm seeing my absolute favourite band, DEVO, next weekend at Darker Waves Fest in Huntington Beach, California!! I'm super stoked!!! I've been wanting to see them for years but they barely toured until these past two years, and their current tour is billed as their Farewell Tour (but they've had contradictory posts online about the validity of that name).

   Also Christmas is coming, so I decorated my shelf in my room with some incandescent string lights (the best way to light up the Holiday Season, LED's are too harsh in my opinion) this evening. Here's a pic of the finished product:


Anyways, that's all I really have to rattle on about tonight.

That's all for now.


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I made a Ringtone of the extended 1-Up sound from Super Mario Bros.

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