About Me

Hello everyone, Mason here. Welcome to Stonicle.com!! 

Here's my totally real, government-issued ID
Interests and Tidbits:

I really like elevators, fluorescent lights, Game Boys and GB Accessories, synthesizers. I also have 2 wonderful guinea pigs: Cornelius (Cornie for short) and Leopold (Leo for short). I'm not too sure how they feel about me but I still love them.

Other things:

Hometown - Beaumont, TX

(Current) Favourite TV Show - "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" or "Monty Python's Flying Circus"

(Current) Favourite Movie - "A Clockwork Orange"

(Current) Favourite Album - "Game Music Graffiti" by Mario Freaks Orchestra

Favourite Fast Food - McDonald's

Favourite Soda - Pepsi Zero

Dogs or Cats? - Dogs, but cats are cool too.


Q: How is Stonicle pronounced?
A: "Stonn-ickle", not "Stone-ickle".

Here's a pic of me:

And here I am on the Game Boy Camera!:









Okay that's enough about me for now, enjoy my Site!!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at: stonicle@aol.com

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