Fun Games and Downloads

Here's a page full of fun little things I've made! 

Download Games:

Mason's Elevator Simulator Mobile (Android APK):

My latest elevator simulator, featuring 2 elevators,

a Schindler HT and a Dover Impulse. More will come soon!

Download Mason's Elevator Sim Mobile

Paddle Escape (Windows):

My newest game, a retro brick-breaker game that

is partially inspired by "Alleyway" for the GameBoy.

Download Paddle Escape

Tombstone Towne (Windows):

This is one of my oldest games, dating all the way back to 2019.

You play as a tombstone dropping onto cowboys, but don't

hit the ladies!

Download Tombstone Towne

Mason's Elevator Simulator 4: SFASU Edition (Windows):

My latest and greatest project, an elevator simulator featuring

elevators based on the REAL ONES at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches TX.

The game contains pre-rendered 3D graphics modelled from the real elevators.

Download Mason's Elevator Simulator 4: SFASU Edition

SPACESHOT (Windows):

This is my latest project as of 9-27-2022. It is completely

reliant on text and there are NO sprite files, only text objects.


Mayo's Elevator Simulator 3D (Windows):

An elevator simulator featuring pre-rendered

3D graphics. It's called "Mayo's" and not "Mason's" because when the game

was made my nickname was Mayo.

Download Mayo's Elevator Simulator 3D

Super Infinity Bros. (NES ROM):

A Super Mario Bros. NES hack that makes Mario run infinitely!

Download Super Infinity Bros. Official Time Widget (Windows):

Get a cool desktop clock/stopwatch with the STONICLE.COM logo

and vivid colours!

Download Official Time Widget

Now there's a Retro Handheld Gaming themed Time Widget! (Windows):

This is a mod of the Stonicle Time Widget, based on the popular

and pioneering handheld gaming console from the 90s.

Download "Pixelboy" Official Time Widget

Stonicle Fluorescent Light Fixture Simulator (Windows):

I made this game as a way to try my hand at random selection functions,

which is what enables the simulated fixture to have various different "blinkage"


Download Fluorescent Light Fixture Simulator

Demons Galore (Windows):

This is a game I made back in 2019, where you have to fight an endless horde of

floating demon heads, with limited ammo and spaced out ammo supply drops.

Download Demons Galore




Feel free to comment anything about these programs/games! (Also I cannot update most of these because I don't have their files anymore)

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